Friday, April 5, 2013

Another Source of Financial Help for Chronic Diseases

We've covered lots of sources of financial help in health care, and specifically sources of help dealing with cancer.  Now there's another source of possible help for severe, chronic illnesses, including several types of cancer--The Chronic Disease Fund.  It's a non-profit that helps those who suffer from several specific diseases--each administered from a separate fund--deal with the sorts of crushing costs that may not be covered by insurance, other drug programs,  transportation to and from medical treatments if they are far away, among others.  The list of diseases they cover is listed here, but since each one comes from a different fund, they may not have funds to cover a new patient with a particular condition. Those diseases for which they are not accepting new patients have an asterisk next to them. To see if you qualify, see the application process.  Besides this, they have a service called Navidebt which works with their patients to deal with the medical debt that you have already incurred.

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