Saturday, May 25, 2013

How to Get a Military Honors Funeral

We have written about getting assistance for the expense of a funeral, and veterans burial allowances.  However, veterans who were other than dishonorably discharged and were killed in combat or served their full tour of duty are eligible for military honors at their funeral.  The basic elements of this are the playing of taps, the flag folding ceremony, and the flag presentation.  These are provided free of charge at the funeral of an eligible veteran. Afterwards, the flag is given to the veteran's next of kin.  If there are no next of kin, a friend may apply to receive the flag. 

Other elements--the caisson, rifle detail, pall bearers, color guard--are available if there are resources. To arrange for military honors at the funeral of a veteran, notify the funeral director.  There must be 48 hours notice for a military honors funeral.

Headstones for the unmarked graves of military veterans are also available as a benefit.   A marker or medallion (to fix on the headstone of a privately purchased headstone) may also be available for those who have died after 1990.  To find out about cemetery headstones, markers or medallions, call 1-800-697-6947, Monday through Friday, 8-5, Eastern Time.

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