Monday, May 20, 2013

It's That Time--Summer Energy Assistance for Low-Income Users

Most people know that there's energy assistance in cold weather, but it's that time of year to discuss another source of energy assistance--to pay cooling bills.  With the temperature in Toledo hitting 90 for the first time of the year, we trot out our annual information on Ohio's summer heating crisis. If your income is within 200% of the poverty level, and you have a household member whose health is affected by the heat (doctor's verification needed), OR is at least 60 years old, OR has received a disconnect notice, you could get a one-time payment of $250 towards your electrical bill.  Applications will be taken at your local Community Action Agency from June 1st through August 31st.  In the WSOS service area (Wood, Sandusky, Ottawa and Seneca counties, Ohio) you may also be eligible for a window box air conditioner if you have not gotten one in the last three years.  Whether you get an air conditioner or not depends on whether the area you live in has money for that component of the program.

If you live outside Ohio, your state LIHEAP (low income heating assistance program) agency may or may not have a summer program.  To find out, contact your state office in charge of heating assistance.  To find out, use this link to find your state LIHEAP office and contact them. Another good place to look is a community action agency in your area.  They may or may not administer the program in your state, but they would be able to tell you if it's available.

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