Monday, June 17, 2013

Ohio Persian Gulf Veterans Need to Apply for Their Bonus by December 31st

Ohio voters created a bonus program for Ohio Persian Gulf veterans in 2009, but eligible veterans and service members who do not apply by December 31, 2013, will miss out on money they deserve.  Veterans who served in war zones may get a bonus of $100 per month, up to a maximum of  $1000.  Those in non-combat locations may get up to $50 a month to a maximum of $500.  Family members of veterans killed in action, or from injuries or illnesses that happened in service, may be eligible for a bonus, too.  The bonuses are not subject to state or federal taxes, either.  Bonuses take up to eight weeks from application to receipt.

So how to apply?  Call 1-877-OHIOVET to ask for a paper application, or see this website for links to an online application,  You have to print it out, however, and send supporting documents that prove you're eligible.  Here are the full eligibility requirements.  Please check it out before time runs out!

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