Friday, June 21, 2013

Six Month Paid Work Training Program for Young High School Dropouts--Youthbuild

There's a nationwide program for young, (18-24 year old) unemployed high school dropouts to do building in low-income neighborhoods for a stipend (pay), and gain job skills and toward the completion of the GED.  It's Youthbuild, and it's a private program run at the local level across the United States. 

Here's how it works: you work on building projects in low-income neighborhoods while gaining construction work skills, but also work on career planning and GED completion. There are nearly 300 local programs across the country.   Here's the map to find the location near you.  The Toledo, Ohio site is odd, in that it's run by WSOS, the community action agency in Fremont, but to be eligible to join, you must be a Lucas County resident.  The WSOS local program runs for six months.  You  have to be a high school dropout and unemployed, and a priority is given to residents of the United North neighborhood in north Toledo. In other places, the requirements may vary.  If you are a young person, check it out near you.

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