Monday, August 19, 2013

Money to Study for the Lutheran Ministry

In searching for funding for theological studies, the first place to look is at the institution itself. Schools are a treasure trove of little scholarships set up for the benefit of their own students.  And if you are studying religion, the institutions in your own denomination are a good place to start, too.  For example, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has a page of scholarships for specialized pastoral ministries.  But also check out your local and regional church organization. They  may offer small scholarships, either for general studies or the ministry.  Here's the Missouri Lutheran Synod and its regional offices.  If you're not sure of the hierarchy of your church, ask your minister. 

Look at organizations that are associated with the church.  The Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is an organization that provides several scholarships for Lutheran women: one for women church administrators, another for women in the ordained ministry, for laywomen, and for women faculty at Lutheran colleges and seminaries.  Finally, private foundations may give scholarships, too, like the Salem Lutheran Foundation, which gives money to men studying pastoral ministry at the Martin Lutheran College and the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Wisconsin.  For more information, call them at (614) 898-7200. 

Finally, check these possibilities for various faith funding for individuals from the Michigan State Univeristy website on grants for individuals.

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