Friday, August 16, 2013

Respite for Homeless People Who Need to Recover Their Health

Nowadays, hospitals don't keep people for long periods of time--they patch you up and ship you home to recover.  But what if you don't have a home?  En route to looking up other stuff, I found out that there are places around the country where the homeless rest and recover--when they are not sick enough to be in a hospital, but not well enough to go back on the streets.

They are respite homeless providers, and while there are just a few dozen in the U.S, they are gaining in numbers.  The National Health Care for the Homeless, an advocacy group in the U.S. and Canada, has a listing of all the homeless respite centers that they could identify in North America, along with a list of the qualifications--and disqualifications--to be a patient at each facility. 

If you are homeless, or know anyone who is homeless and needs medical help, here's a directory of agencies that receive funds to give medical care to the homeless.  They also link to a directory of public health care facilities that are free or sliding scale, and that can be searched by address, city or county.

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