Sunday, September 8, 2013

Money to Study Flying and Aeronautics

For young people with the hope of learning flying or studying aeronautics, there are some scholarship programs to help you out.  The Experimental Aviation Association has several scholarship programs for young people who want to fly.  Some, like the David Alan Quick Scholarship and the Bud Milligan Scholarship, are for the study of aerospace or aeronautical engineering.  Some are scholarships for the organization's summer air academy.  The Karen Johnson Solo Scholarship is a scholarship for young women to finance them through flight school to their first solo.  The Clay Lacey Professional Pilot Internship finances pilot internships.  Check them all out.

The International Council of Air Shows supports training and education in air show and acrobatic flight.  The Jan Jones Memorial Scholarship is a fund to support young women who wish to learn acrobatic flight.  The French Connection Memorial Scholarship provides funds for a male and female flight instructor to learn acrobatic flight.  See their website for a full list of scholarships in acrobatic and air show flight.

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