Friday, September 13, 2013

Financial Help in Paying for an Abortion

The battle to make abortion legal and accessible goes on, and it's hard to believe that there are organizations that privately provide funding for abortion.  While there are many higher-visibility organizations that provide support for a woman to bring her pregnancy to term, there are some organizations that attempt to provide at least some funding for an abortion.

One of these is Pro-Choice Resources, offers funding for women under the age of 21, or homeless, or victims of domestic violence, or some other factors listed in the website.  The funding is for women in Minnesota, North or South Dakota, Iowa or Wisconsin.

The advocacy group Fund Abortion Now also runs a searchable website that you can use to search by zip code or map to find the nearest private organization that gives abortion funding to individual women.  Every group has a different criteria for who they will help, so you have to check each one.  And like any other organization, sometimes they run short of cash.  Another alternative is Medicaid funding, and Fund Abortion Now has a list of states that still provide abortion funding, and spells out the conditions in which they will.

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