Friday, October 11, 2013

More Medical and Health Care Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

The beauty of financial help (and the reason I can general post twice a week) is that it's like an onion, that reveals more as you peel away each layer.  I've posted before on student loan aid, cancellation and forgiveness.   

But there's always more to uncover.  In poking around for more items to help teachers (more on that at a later posting), I found more sources of student loan forgiveness and loan repayments for health care professionals on the state level.  In particular, a database of over 70 state and federal programs listed at the website of the American Association of Medical Colleges.  They cover mostly doctors, but also other allied health programs, like therapists, too.  They also cover some scholarships.  But they are quick to point out that this is not a comprehensive database.

Indeed it's not.  Another source of information is at the National Health Service Core website, in its list of state loan repayment programs.  While the NHSC does not run state directly to students,, you can follow the list to find state programs that do. 

But even this is not comprehensive.  Try googling yourself by using search terms like "allied health," medical, or nursing, with the name of your state and "loan repayment" or "loan forgiveness." 

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