Monday, October 21, 2013

More on Finding Funds for Burial

The biggest posting on this blog is the one dealing with with burial funds.  There are a few foundations, and a few sources out of the mainstream, but the biggest source of funds are state and local government.  Check out the sources I have at this previous burial post, but if your local or state government is not listed, here's some things to remember while searching for indigent burial funds:

1) Who pays for what is usually determined by state law.  Check the state laws for your state to see where the responsibility lies for indigent burial.  In Minnesota, it's the county government. In Ohio, it's municipal or township governments.  In Michigan, it's the state government itself.  Check the state codes, and use the terms "indigent burial."  Which department of the government is responsible can vary, too.  In Toledo, it's the Department of Parks and Forestry (because they run the city cemeteries).  Often, however, it's the social services department, whatever name that may go by in your locality. 

2) What is paid varies wildly from one locale to another--indeed, what is paid for varies, too.  In Toledo, Ohio, indigents receive a cremation and burial in a cemetery.  Some locales provide money towards a service chosen by the family (but with a limit on the amount given and spent).  Before making arrangements and plans, check the limitations on spending with the local or state officials. 

3)  Finally, we are in the age of public austerity.  Remember the cutbacks on all that wasteful government spending?  This is part of it.  Often, state law will require counties or municipalities to bury indigents, but do not provide funds.  Keep all this in mind before making plans.

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