Saturday, October 26, 2013

Another Organization for Small Emergency Grants to Individuals

We've written before about Modest Needs, the longtime organization that links people with small--but important--immediate funding needs with concerned donors.  Lately we have heard of another that deserves some attention.

The organization Benevolent works some of the same ground as Modest Needs, except that they work with a group of nonprofits around the country who check on the needs of their clients (Modest Needs does their own vetting).  So you have to work through a nonprofit, which will forward your needs to them.  Here's a list of the nonprofits they work with right now.  It's only in 16 states, but Benevolent suggests that you contact a nonprofit in your area about getting in touch with them and putting your need with them.  When the nonprofit does that, and vouches for your real need, they will put your need up on their website for donors to contribute to.  They take a small (3.5%) amount off for their operational needs, but the rest goes to the person making the request for their goal.  If you have a small need that would put you over the hump, by all means keep these two organizations in mind.

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