Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Places to Find Single and Mismatched Shoes

When people think of "adaptive equipment," they think of sophisticated tools. But for people in need of shoes in different sizes--or only one shoe--where do you look?  As it turns out, there are a number of places. 

The National Odd Shoe Exchange matches up people with a need for shoes of different sizes--due to accident or congenital conditions--with people who have them.  To register you need to write via snail-mail at post office box 1120, Chandler, Arizona 85244-1120.  For more information, check their website or call them at 480-892-3484.

Another source of exchanges is at the website of the Amputee Coalition.  They feature not only the Odd Shoe Coalition, but the One Shoe Crew, which provides one shoe for amputees (and whose services are free to veterans), and Birkenstock Express Online, which sells single and mismatched shoes.  They list the Odd Shoe Finder, where people who need mismatched sizes can hook up with sellers.  They list Nike as a seller of single/mismatcheds, too, but their link is dead.  Try their toll free number at 800 806 6453. 

,  Arizona  USA

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