Friday, October 4, 2013

Help-Portrait Day is December 7, 2013. Free Portraits for People Who Need Them

Once, portraits were done by great artists for important, wealthy patrons.  Now, pictures are necessary for some sorts of ID, and desirable as a way to freeze a time in your life--or your children's lives.  For many low-income people, these are out of reach.  But a loose confederation of photographers around the world are making it different.

2013 is the fifth anniversary of Help-Portrait, a movement that once a year, in cities around the world, photographers take pictures of people for free.  This year, December 7th is the date.  In my workplace, you can tell that Help-Portrait is going on, because parents and kids, and many of our patrons, some with permanent addresses and some without, know that a photographer will shoot a frozen moment of their lives that they can pass down to their kids and that will exist forever.  If you need or want such a picture and would like to find a help-portrait event near you, try looking one up at this site for help-portrait communities,  or check them out on facebook and see if a group near you has formed.  And mark December 7th on your calendar as the day to get your picture taken.

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