Monday, December 2, 2013

Grants for Young People to Do Good Deeds

One of the frustrating aspects of do-gooding in the United States is that money is often available only for formally incorporated organizations with a 501c3 status (the Internal Revenue Services' designation for a charitable nonprofit).  What if an ad hoc group of do-gooders wanted to start something, and needed a small sum of money?  If they are young, there are a couple of possible sources.

Our last post discussed scholarships for young volunteer leaders.  Some of these organizations also gives small grants to unincorporated groups headed by young people for charitable work.  One of these is Youth Service America.  They offer several small grants to groups of young people involved in working for change. Check their webpage to see what grant offers are currently open.

Do Something Inc gives scholarships, as we mentioned in our last entry.  But they also give seed grants of $500 to young people working on social improvement projects in their communities.  A grant is given each week.

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