Friday, December 6, 2013

Free Financial Coaching All Over Lucas County Ohio and Other Places

A couple of years ago, we wrote about the opening of the Financial Opportunity Center in the Lagrange area of Toledo.  It made one-on-one financial coaching available to everybody in the zip codes of 43604, 43608, and 43611.  In the time since, the United Way and several institutions in Lucas County began working together to make those services available to everybody in the county, regardless of income.  Coaches work one-on-one with people to figure out ways to reach a person's own financial goals.

Where do you go for this service?  If you don't live in the zip codes above, here are two other places that you can contact for free personal financial coaching:

Crossroads Family Resource Center
4543 Douglas Road, Toledo, Ohio 43613

East Toledo Family Center
1020 Varland Ave.
Toledo, OH 43605
Phone: 419.691.1429

If you don't live in Toledo, you might be interested in other cities where LISC (Local  Initiatives Support Corporation) has worked with local organizations to help create financial opportunity centers as they did in Toledo.  There are centers in 25 cities altogether.  Besides Toledo, they have FOCs in: Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati/Covington (KY), Detroit, Duluth (MN), Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo/Battle Creek (MI), Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Newark (NJ), Oakland/Richmond/San Jose (CA), Philadelphia, Providence/Woonsocket, San Diego.  To find the FOCs, use this directory of LISC local offices that you can contact and put you in touch with the community partner running the FOC.

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