Monday, December 9, 2013

Where to Donate Toys in Toledo, and How to Hook Up With Toys for Poor Children

Checking our stats, we see that people are still looking for help for Christmas, but also that they are looking for places to drop off toys for children.  The Toledo Blade had a nice roundup of where to drop off toys at this late date. 

Also, here's how to find dropoff spots for Toys for Tots, the U.S. Marine's program. Toledo's local Hope for the Holidays is still taking toys till December 20th. 

But what if you are in need?  In Toledo, call 211 to be put in touch with groups that might still be taking applications.  If you live in another area with a 211 information and referral service, try calling them.  Also try the Salvation Army, which is the Christmas Clearinghouse for a lot of communities.  Try your local church, which may be running a program or know of who is.  If you live in Detroit, check out this great listing from Julie's List.  Here's hoping next year is brighter for you.

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