Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pro Bono Financial Planning--How to Find It

Last week we talked about financial coaching that you may be able to get for free--working one on one with someone till you reach your financial goals.  There may also be free financial planning, especially if you are in certain groups.

The Foundation For Financial Planning gives grants to groups--as well as some local chapters of the Financial Planning Association--to work with underserved groups that may be in real need of financial planning.  For instance, some groups target military personnel for free financial planning, like the Massachusetts chapter.   Some other groups, like the Dana Farber Institute, provide pro bono financial planning for cancer patients.  How can you find a local group that might work with you?  Here's a list of grantees of the Foundation for Financial Planning.  They may currently have programs. You may also check with your local chapter for the Financial Planning Association to see if they have a pro bono program. 

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