Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Modest Grants for the Disabled, and Churches Who Work With Them

While picking across the internet for stuff for the disabled, I stumbled across a source for small grants for the disabled from a Christian group called Joni and Friends, The grants are small (up to $2500; $1500 for scholarships), and are for grants that deal with assistive technology and need the endorsement of a Christian church.  The fund is called the Christian Fund for the Disabled, and the application is here.  Note that they also have some small funds for churches that are trying to serve the disabled by making their church more disabled accessible.  While this small sum may help, it might also be good for churches to check other sources in their communities.

Another site with some promising sources is E-Special Needs, a website with financial help listings for disabled children.  They list some sources that are localized, and some national ones that need to be dug into.

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