Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Place to Look for Financial Help for Disabilities

There's no such thing as a source of information that has everything, so you look wherever you can.  After some bounced email, I got a very welcome link from Tammy Eisenreich of Itaalk Foundation the foundation that works to provide communication devices like ipads for kids and teens with autism spectrum disorders. Itaalk has created a searchable database of about 200 sources (right now) of financial assistance, wish organizations, medical equipment and more--not only for families affected by autism, but any type of disability.  

And they are  gathering more sources as they go.  If you know of a source not listed, suggest the source to Tammy at and win a $20 itunes card.  

For more sources of financial help dealing with disability, see the disability links in this blog, and the disability sources in No Free Money

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