Monday, February 3, 2014

Source for Finding Downpayment Assistance in Home Buying

Ever on the alert to new websites that can help you find homebuying assistance, I ran across this one created by Workforce Resource, an Atlanta-based software company, Down Payment Resource.  For the homebuying public, it has a searchable database in which you can put in an address, city or county, and then answer several questions that help determine your eligibility for programs in the area: are you a current homeowner, veteran, and so on.  From this, it whips up a list of POSSIBLE downpayment assistance sources.  I say possible since programs change constantly--or become discontinued, or suspended.  The creators of the database are honest enough not to make a lot of dumb promises. 

As a side note, I tried it using only a zip code, and got nothing.  When I sent an email complaining, the creators were prompt and polite, pointing out that zip codes were not workable (since programs were not based on them), and giving me a list of likely prospects.  Try the site and see if you can find some downpayment assistance.

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