Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Charity That Helps Preserve the Photo, Memory of a Lost Infant

The number one posting on this blog, day in and out, is financial help for the burial of a loved one.  Many people want a decent burial for those they love, and some want more.  In the case of a miscarriage, still birth, or the death of an infant, some families want a photographic memory of who they lost.

A few years ago, the Duggar Family (of 19 and Counting fame), came in for some controversy when pictures were leaked of a miscarried child of theirs, taken by the nonprofit group Now I Law Me Down To Sleep.  The group will take pictures at no cost of dead, stillborn and miscarried infants, at the request of the infant's families.  The work is done by a network of volunteer photographers, and a CD of the image and a release agreement is given to families so that they can have pictures made of the image (the cost of making pictures from the CD is not covered).  It provides a keepsake by which families can remember their lost child.  For more information, see this FAQ on their services for families. 

As with most websites for people in need, there are links for other types of support and resources for parents who suffer from the loss of their infant.  

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