Monday, February 10, 2014

Some Relief in Ohio, Minnesota and Kansas for the Propane Crisis

The disruption of propane supplies has sparked response through the country.  Unfortunately, this has pretty much been in the form of relaxed shipping and trucking regulations.  Unlike natural gas and electric companies, there is little in the way of outright financial assistance.

But some relief in various forms is available in some places in the U.S.  In Ohio, Prism Propane can't cut the costs--or the shortage--but they are evenly short-filling their fuel to their customers.  They are also offering their customers electric heaters at cost to help them fill the heating void.  If you're a customer, call 877-887-7476 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. to reserve yours.

In a couple of states, there are some financial relief programs just for propane users.  In Minnesota, hotlines have been set up for propane users who need to be directed to the state liheap program or, for those who don't qualify, to nonprofit agencies that can help.  Several sources of help have sprung up, and the information is here.

In Kansas, a propane energy relief program  has been set up.  Applications will be taken through March 4th from families making between 130% and 180% of the poverty level.  Households with lower income than that are encouraged to apply for the regular liheap program.

For all heating issues, try your own state's low-income heating programs to see what they may have for you.

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