Tuesday, April 8, 2014

All in One Spot for Finding and Applying for Veteran's Benefits

There's a federal website that allows veterans to see state, federal and private resources available to help veterans.  It's the National Resource Directory, which can be searched in general by putting in a keyword and your state, city, or zip code.  Or you can explore some broad subject headings, like housing, education and training, transportation, homeless assistance, and family and caregiver support. 

This information is migrating to ebenefits, a VA portal that will allow not only searching, but online searching for one's records, creating documents, filing for benefits, and checking your status for compensation and benefits. These services are for registered users. There's also a jobs section for resume building, skill assesments, and other individualized help for registered users.

If you just want to browse in the portal website, there's still a part of the site that allows browsing for information without registration (of course, your own information is not available without registration).  It has state as well as federal information, and it has benefit information that is open to the general public, but that can be accessed by vets, like home and business loan sources and help for foreclosure.  Like the other sections, non-registered browsers can use the jobs section to search for jobs in either the federal government or private sector.

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