Saturday, April 5, 2014

So What's Obamacare Mean for You If..You Aren't Enrolled, Need Enrollment Later, or are Looking for an Exemption?

Now that the first official Obamacare enrollment period is over, what are your other options?  For instance, if you still don't have any insurance? 

--If you were in line, you have to get back in the computer and sign up by April 15th.  Here's how.

--There may be other options, like Medicaid in your state., or CHIP insurance for your children. 

--Some people are exempt from being required to by enrolled in health insurance because of economic hardship, religious convictions, or other reasons, and can file for an exemption.  Here's the list of exemptions, and how to file for them.

--You may not need health insurance coverage now, but something could happen to change your status or health insurance needs between now and the next enrollment period in the fall--a loss of job, divorce, the birth of a child, etc.  Like job-related health care, you can enroll outside of the enrollment period for those events.  Here's a page of information on life events that would allow you to file for health insurance on the exchanges before the next enrollment period.  There are even some complicated life changes that would make you qualified to fill between enrollment periods.  If you think you might qualify, call

--And, if you are an enrolled member of a federally recognized Indian tribe, you can enroll any time, and can change plans at any time.

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