Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Collections of Free Electronic Knowledge--Online Classes, Ebooks, and Audiobooks

In this blog, I deal with free money, but also free stuff.  Many people know about free books you can get if you have Kindle or a device that takes Kindle apps., but you aren't chained to Kindle and Amazon if you want freebies.  Other sites have free material for downloading as well.

One I just found is Open Culture, a website that has compendiums of free ebooks, downloadable movies, online courses, certificate courses, MOOGs, language lessons, and more.  Another website devoted exclusively to free ebooks and audiobooks in the public domain (and in a couple of dozen different languages) is Books Should be Free.  You can also browse by genre (like Westerns, short stories, etc.). 
Librofile has both free and fee ebooks and audiobooks, hence has current titles. 

The Hathitrust Digital Library is a collection of digitalized books from the collections of research and university libraries around the world, but there's a catch.  The general public only has full access to works that are determined to be in the public domain.  Books that are still under copyright--or whose copyright status can't be determined--can be searched, but not accessed fully or downloaded.  That's a privilege that only students or faculty of those institutions can do.  However, the collections can be searched to identify which books may have information that you want, after which you may see about getting the material through an interlibrary loan.

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