Sunday, April 20, 2014

Free Books for Preschool Children

Country music singer/songwriter Dolly Parton started Imagination Library in the 1995 to provide a free book a month to children from birth to 5 years old in eastern Tennessee.  The books are to nurture the love of books--and literacy--in households where children might otherwise not have access to reading material. Each month, a child who has been registered for the program by their parent or legal guardian is mailed an age-appropriate book to keep.

Since then it has spread through over 1,000 affiliates through the U.S., Great Britain, Australia and Canada.  If you are the parent or guardian of a child under 5, see if your area has an Imagination Library affiliate and if they are open for new registrations.  In the United States, this is the page to input your zip code and see if there is a program that covers your area.  There is also material available for the blind at no cost for eligible families, and reduced cost for others.

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