Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Another Place to Find Free or Sliding Scale Clinics--Right Now in Michigan

One of the good things about having a reputation as a pain in the butt librarian is that people remember you, and give you information they they come across that you may find useful.  One of these good folks is Amy, a librarian in my library system, who told me about a place where you can search for free and sliding-scale clinics, Findcare.  It was created by students at the University of Michigan, and purports to show about 1500 free and sliding scale clinics.  However, I gave it a test run, and it only works in Michigan.  So if you live in Michigan, and need free or low-cost medical help, put in your zip code and see if you can find any there.

If you know of any in your area, and wish to add to their fairly meager store of clinics, there's a site where you can sign in and do that.  Apparently, it's a wiki-sort of place, where they are counting on others to help them.  If you live anywhere else, try this listing of low-cost and public health clinics.

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