Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Financial Help for ACT Certified Work Readiness in Lucas County

Employers are looking for skills sets in hiring--skills like reading and math, but also personal and interpersonal skills.  Can you get certified for that?  Yes.  The ACT Work Readiness Certification tries to do that, and can help people prove themselves ready for different career paths than the ones they may already have taken in the past.  For communities, being able to boast having people with this certification is hoped to attract employers to the area.  That's why some states and counties are pushing the ACT Work Readiness Certification--and are providing financial help with preparing for and taking it.

One of these is Lucas County, Ohio  Political and business leaders in the community are pushing for Lucas County to be certified as a "work ready" community--with a couple of thousand people certified with the job skills that would be most attractive to employers.  So, although there is a charge for getting certified, Lucas County is going to cover that fee for people in economic need.    

If you want to be certified as "work ready" with the ACT certification under your belt, you can apply online here to participate in the Lucas County program.  If you would like more information, contact OhioMeansJobs Lucas County (formerly The Source) at 419-213-JOBS (5627) and ask for information about Work Ready Lucas County.

A list of states and counties participating in the ACT Work Readiness program are here, and there may be programs in those states and counties to help people prepare for the test.  Contact your local one-stop job center and see if a program like this is available in your community.

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