Friday, September 26, 2014

If You Are Already a Homeowner in Ohio, a New Program

You've heard about first time homebuyer programs. These programs are as thick as fleas and can be found at every state housing agency, and are aimed at buyers who have not owned a home in the last three years.  But Ohio has a program to help current homeowners--or those who have owned a home in the last three years--buy yet another home. 

Next Home is the program for people contemplating that next home in Ohio.  You must have decent credit (at least 640), and there are some income limits. The assistance comes in the form of down payment assistance (2 1/2%) that is forgiven 20% per year that you live in the house, till it all goes away in 5 years.  Check it out of you seek assistance, but are already wan Ohio homeowner.

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