Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rain Harvesting Financial Incentives

While reading a fascinating story on a couple who built themselves an eco-friendly tiny home, I noticed that they got a financial incentive to put up a green roof of growing things. Intrigued, I checked it out and found that Seattle did that sort of thing. There is, for instance, a rebate program for creating rain gardens and cisterns that prevent water from gushing back into the sewer system.  And there is a $5 per square foot incentive to put up the green roof.

There might be such things in your city. Toledo used to have financial assistance for rain gardens before the funding ran out. Increasingly cities are trying to give local residents and businesses some incentives to reduce water runoff. Even when grants and incentives don’t come from the government local nonprofits may get grants to help home and business owners. 
You can find out about other possible programs from organizations like American Rivers, or from Harvest H2O, which has a great state listing.  Or google the words rainwater harvesting incentives to see what else is available.

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