Friday, February 20, 2015

Save Through a Credit Union, Hit the Lottery

While everybody who can count on their fingers knows that saving is a surer road to money than playing the lottery, the lure of the big score makes lotteries fat and savings slim. Often, savings institutions and their fees make savings an unattractive idea. But some credit unions in four states--Michigan, Nebraska, North Carolina and Washington--are offering savers in their credit unions the chance to have their savings cake, and eat some lottery winnings.
Here's how it works: if you start an account, you get a chance to win a lottery held at least once a year. The more you save, the more chances you get to win. You. get another "ticket" with each $25 in savings. So the more you save, the better your chances of winning.
Where are unions? Right now, they are in those four states and can be found in this directory. But there may be more in the future, since federal laws are allowing more states to create laws that enable "save to win" accounts. See if a nearby credit union offers this option.

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