Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gowns for Stillborn and Other Infant Burial, and How Toledoans Can Help

Awhile back, we wrote about an organization, Heavenly Angels in Need, that made gowns for the burial of infants.  Just today, an article appeared in the Toledo Blade about a Toledo area organization, Gabriel's Gowns, that also creates infant shrouds from donated wedding dresses and donates them to local health organizations for the parents of stillborn children and infants who die shortly after birth. Toledoans who wish to donate their wedding gowns can drop them off at March of Dimes offices located at 3450 W, Central Ave. Suite 352 in Toledo Ohio.
Drop off times are Tuesdays from 1-6, and Thursdays from 8-12, or call them at 567-298-4825 to make an appointment.You can also see the website if you wish to volunteer to sew gowns.
For more sources of help when losing an infant, see this site.

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