Thursday, April 9, 2015

Historic Home Preservation Loans in Toledo, Cleveland Dirt Cheap

The Lucas County Land Bank, created to keep neighborhoods from sinking under the weight of delinquent and abandoned properties, has grown and flourished. Current programs include grants for new roofs for low-income homeowners (only through June 2015), chance to get side lots, land for gardens, and their newest cool thing.
The Heritage Home Program gives low-cost loans to homeowners with historic homes to restore their homes along historically appropriate lines. That means no aluminum siding and other stuff that messes up historic authenticity, but free consultation with experts, recommendations to qualified contractors, and loans as low as 3.5%.
In Cleveland, the Heritage Home Program offers similar help to owners of historic residences in the metropolitan Cleveland area. They offer help with consultants, low-cost loans, and even purchasing. If you love historic homes in these two towns, they awe worth a look.  If you live elsewhere, contact your local preservation society to find out if there is a similar organization near you.

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