Friday, March 8, 2013

More Sources of Emergency Financial Help for Military and Veterans

We've had a posting about emergency assistance for veterans (mostly from state and county sources) before, but have since unearthed some private, nonprofit sources, too.

The Armed Forces Foundation provides emergency funding and bereavement funding for active military and veterans' families. with things like rent, car payments, child care and other basic needs.   If you need to contact them asap, there's a toll-free number for the American Red Cross Emergency Armed Forces Foundation: 877-272-7337.  They also have a page full of other links to organizations that help members of the military and veterans

For active duty and veteran members of the Navy and Marines, the the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society helps them and their eligible family members.  This includes indigent mothers and widows of deceased service members (if they have limited resources) over 65, and the ex-spouses of navy and marine members, who were married to them at least 20 years while they were in active service.

The Air Force Aid Society offers emergency assistance to active and retired members of the Air Force and their families, as well as  eligible members of the Air Force National Guard and the Air Force Reserve.  See their website for more information.

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